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A purveyor of the deep and groovy, Australian-based producer Wastemall (aka Jordan Madigan) captivates audiences with his distinctive blend of progressive and melodic house sounds.

Deeply entwined in the culture of dance music for over a decade, Wastemall’s devotion to the genre is evident in every track he creates. His music resonates with the intricate soundscapes of artists like Tourist and Lane 8, while still being uniquely Wastemall.

Wastemall’s musical journey began at the age of six when he learned to play the trumpet. While his methods and tastes have evolved over the years, his passion and dedication to music has stayed the same. It is this extensive experience and life-long infatuation that has allowed him to focus on his obsession with organic textures and energetic dance rhythms.

In 2021, Wastemall established himself as a force in the house music scene with the release of ‘Glaciers,’ a single featuring Jude York. The track gained playlist attention, radio play, and ultimately bolstered his position as an Australian house music act.

2024 will see Wastemall release a new collection of songs that will further define and elevate his unique brand of melodic house, promising to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression on the dance music landscape.

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